Monday, February 21, 2011

Kindness Picture Contest

Our class participated in a school wide kindness picture contest. Each student had to draw a picture about how they could be the one to start the trend of kindness in the world or at our school. Another teacher selected 3 winners from our class. These winners will go on and in the end, one winner from each grade will have their picture hanging up in our school and they will receive a certificate at our next assembly. Good luck guys!

Valentine's Day Tea Party

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day Tea Party where we got to practice our manners! First we decorated boxes then went around and handed out Valentine's in everyone's mailbox.

Then we set the table and got to drink tea and eat finger foods!

We also got to dress fancy on this day which helped us to act fancy! It was a wonderful party!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What does the president do...

"Stands at a podium and makes speeches."
"Kind of chooses things and rules us. It is good that we have a president."
"Gives us world peace."
"Leads the people and the army and he's real smart."
"Keeps our country safe."
"Helps our country and rules a lot."
"Sometimes he leads our wars even though we can do whatever we want we still win wars. Sometimes he lies though."
"Helps our country."
"Gets put on money."
"Makes us eat healthy."
"Keeps us alive."

More indoor recess fun!

Mini Field Trip

Last week we took a little "field trip" to the middle school social studies class. The teacher, Ms. May, had a poster of Martin Luther King Jr. that I wanted the kids to see. The eighth graders got to talk to the kids about MLK and then we asked some questions. We stumped them when someone asked how many times he said "I have a Dream" in his famous speech. We already knew the answer though and taught it to the eighth was 9 times!


We celebrated Chinese New Year by making paper lanterns for the Festival of Lanterns. We also did some writing where we said that
2011 is the year of the rabbit. Some kids in our class (those born in 2004 and Ms. Baker) were born in the year of the monkey while others (those born in 2005) were born in the year of the rooster.


We made a class graph as to who we thought would win the Superbowl! Most kids picked the Steelers but when we came to school on Monday about 3/4 of the class was saying they were excited because they really wanted the Packers to win. Hmmm...

Peace Girls