Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stone Soup

After going to Miller Farms, we read a book about 2 soldiers who went into a town and needed something to eat and a place to stay. No one wanted to help them so they came up with a plan to make Stone Soup in order to teach the villagers how to share. In the end, everyone had yummy soup to eat! We all shared our veggies from the farm and made our own Stone Soup. We invited our principals, office staff, and specials teachers and they all loved it. We ended up making 4 pots of soup because it was a big hit with our class too. Once kid ate 5 sups full! Who knew vegetables could be so yummy!

Dentist Brian

After our fall party, Dentist Brian talked to us about how to have healthy teeth. He told us that we need to brush for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day. We need to brush all parts of our teeth too. Sometimes we forget to do the backs of our teeth. He gave us teeth sheets to color and a chart where we can color in each time we brush our teeth. He also brought a big mouth and giant toothbrush and we each got to take turns brushing it. To take home, he gave us all a toothbrush and toothpaste. Thank you, Dentist Brian!

Fall Party

To celebrate the last day of school before Halloween, we had a fall party. Thanks to the wonderful, creative parents of the kids in our class, we made bats out of the kids' hands; foam candy corn people, and yummy pumpkin shaped muffins. The kids got to do their crafts and treat then go to recess then come back and eat. It was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!


Sorry for the delay in postings! I have been having camera troubles and have gotten behind! A few weeks ago we learned about a variety of artists. We then got to make our own masterpieces in the style of those artists. We made a Picasso masterpiece, a Miro masterpiece, a Matisse masterpiece, and a Michelangelo masterpiece. When we made our Michelangelo picture, we had to lie down on our backs and color on a sheet of paper underneath our desks. That was to see how it felt for Michelangelo who had to lie down on his back for 3 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. The kids had a blast doing this and their pictures turned out...interesting! We discussed that Michelangelo had to be really good at what he did to be able to paint so well that way!

Cooking Clubs

Every Friday afternoon we have a cooking club in class. We learn how to measure, stir, and blend, as well as using proper cooking hygiene and proper cooking terms such as dice, chop, mince, scoop, etc. Everyone always has a great time and our rule is that you have to try something first before you can say you don't like it. We are learning that sometimes we might not like an ingredient that we are putting into our food but when it is mixed with other things, we end up liking it. Some of the things we have made so far are jicama chips and guacamole, mini caramel apples, Indian corn, peanut butter balls, and cream cheese and jelly rolls. The best part is when we are done cooking, we get to eat!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miller Farms

We had a wonderful class field trip to Miller Farms last week! For starters, it was many of the kids
first time on the school bus. That made even getting there and back a blast! We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" our whole way to the farm. Once we got there, we got on a hay ride that took us from field to field where we got to pick veggies to put in our bags that we decorated. The last field we stopped in was full of pumpkins! After the fields we had lunch the we got to play. I am sure that all of our wonderful volunteers were pretty sure that time was standing still (it was a bit warm) but the kids had an amazing time! Thank you all who came and helped out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teddy Roosevelt

This past week we learned about Teddy Roosevelt. We got to try on spectacles (glasses) to try to look like our 26th President. We learned that Theodore Roosevelt was a vice -president and became President after William McKinley was assassinated. We learned that he cut the land between North America and South America (the Panama Canal) to make it easier for ships to sail through. He also said that we had to set aside land for National Parks. President Roosevelt was a nature lover and once he would not shoot a bear that seemed disoriented since he thought it was not fair. Toy companies heard of this and began making a bear called a Teddy Bear. To celebrate what we learned about Teddy Roosevelt, we brought our Teddy Bears to school and had a Teddy Bear picnic.

Johnny Appleseed

To conclude our learning about Johnny Appleseed, we got to make applesauce. We invited our principals, office staff, and specials teachers. We made four pots of applesauce and they were all so good. Throughout the week we learned lots of facts about JohnnyAppleseed such as:

His dad fought in the Revolutionary war

He wanted people to be able to plant apple trees as they moved west so he gave them a pouch of apple seeds

He got his apple seeds from the local cider mill

It is probably a tall tale that he wore a pot on his head and that he slept in a log with a bear

He lived off the land for most of his life