Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you grandparents

Thank you grandparents for all of the wonderful postcards from around our country/world. We had so much fun getting mail each day and learning about where you live. Your grandchild also enjoyed being able to point to your state/country on the map. Thanks for making this so much fun for us. We have all of the postcards hanging up right now and we look at them often!


We made yummy chocolate chip pancakes for cooking club on Friday while wearing our new aprons. It was so much fun! We even made whipped cream for the top!

Science experiment

We did a science experiment this week. First we made a list of things that are solid, then a list of things that are liquid. Then we came up with a problem: Can something be both solid and liquid? Our hypothesis was that yes, something can be both. The first day we did our experiment we only made a liquid so our hypothesis was false. The next day though we managed to make something that was solid when we squeezed it and liquid when you opened your had. We had a lot of fun being a scientist AND making a huge mess!

St. Patrick's Day

Ms. Baker, the nice leprechaun!

We had fun green lip cookies!

A very naughty leprechaun trashed our room and expected up to clean it up!

He left us clues though as to how to find his treasure!

We were so excited to get the room cleaned up and find the hidden treasure!

The kids had a fun day and no one got pinched!

Marbles for Japan

After hearing about the earthquake in Japan, the class wanted to help out. We are now earning marbles and for each marble earned, Shawn and I will donate $1 to help people rebuild in Japan. We also have a couple of parents who will match our marbles which is a great math lesson! The kids are really getting into too and feel so badly if they have to lose a marble since it is taking away "food" from someone in Japan.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Mrs. Jynette made aprons for us for our Friday cooking club! This Friday we got to make smoothies which were so good and we didn't have to worry about spilling on our clothes. Thank you so much Mrs. Jynette!