Saturday, April 23, 2011


We made chocolate and coconut hummingbird nests in cooking club on Friday. We put jelly beans eggs in them as well. The best part was when the kids got to eat them. They had chocolate everywhere (as you can see from the pictures, they were licking the chocolate up!!

Spring Party

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and everyone who donated supplies, we had a wonderful spring party. We painted flower pots (and in some cases ourselves!), we planted seeds in our pots, we decorated cookies with lots of icing and sprinkles (I made one too and they were so good!), and we made foam ducks and eggs. The volunteer working with the kids on making the foam ducks had the kids quacking which was quite entertaining!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A very windy egg hunt!

We had our egg hunt today on the playground and it was SO WINDY! The eggs were blowing away as we were trying to pick them up then anyone who tried to look in their bag to count their eggs lost their candy. It was pretty crazy! After hunting for eggs, we went inside to examine our loot!

Earth Day

This week we learned about how we can help take care of the earth. Most of our answers revolved around trash: picking up trash, not littering, recycling, composting, and reusing. We also talked about walking or riding our bikes since cars cause pollution. Mrs. Jynette made us these cool recycling bandannas (ninja masks) that we got to wear today! Thank you Jynette!

Recess fun!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Eating Dirt

For cooking club on Friday we got to learn all about composting and recycling to get ready for Earth Day. We learned that when you mix the ingredients in your compost pile (food scraps, egg shells, and sometimes even worms) you get a really nutrient rich soil that is good for the garden. We got to make out own dirt, complete with worms to eat out of flower pots. I don't know if it was as healthy for us as compost is for the garden, but it sure did taste good! Our favorite part was beating on the Oreo cookies with a rolling pen to make the dirt!

Vegetable Party

What a great vegetable party we had! We had all different veggies so we were able to eat roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds. Also, everyone in our class except 2 kids tried a brussels sprout and most of the kids liked them! We then got to call my brother Russell and tell him that we ate "Russell Sprouts"!! We also ate a lot of beets which was fun and different for most kids. Each kid got to invite someone from the school to come to our party. Ms. Chapman and Mr. Dennis came by for a plate so it was fun to be able to give them so veggies too! I also tried something new...rhubarb...and I actually liked it!