Sunday, March 13, 2011

Letter to the Queen

We also wrote a letter to the queen. It reads:

Dear Your Majesty,
We are learning about you in kindergarten and want to know if you will visit us in America. We learned that people used to get their heads chopped off in England. Do you still do that? Do you have a green dress? Our teacher, Ms. Baker, is dressed like you today and is wearing a green dress. We want to say that even though we are from America we are really nice and we hope that you get used to us one day. If your kingdom ever falls, you can come here. We also want to know if a king or queen of England ruled our country a really long time ago? Did you know them? If you had the Declaration of Independence there, would you rip it up so you could rule us again?

Love, Ms. Baker's kindergarten class

P.S. We think our teacher, Ms. Baker, borrowed your gloves today.

The kids all signed it Declaration of Independence style...some wrote big and some small!

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