Friday, December 17, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

What a wonderful time of year this is! One Friday for cooking club, a few moms and one dad got together and helped our class make gingerbread houses. We had candied lawns, gardens, entryways, windows, doors, Christmas trees and even snowmen. It was a great project and everyone had a blast (especially those kids who kept sneaking candy in their mouths!!)

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  1. I helped my niece build a gingerbread house this year and had a blast! In my town, there is a big hotel called the Grove Park Inn. Every year, they have a gingerbread contest and people enter from all over the country. There are big houses, small houses, dog houses and beach houses. No matter what kind of house you make, everything has to be able to be eaten. It is always fun to go and see what people come up with. Maybe your class can take a field trip to North Carolina next year to see these!