Saturday, September 18, 2010


We learned that Asia is the biggest continent. We saw lots of videos of Asian elephants, learned how smart they were, and learned that you can tell them about from African elephants because they have smaller heads and ears. They also only have 3 toenails on their front feet unlike the 4 toenails the African elephants have! We also learned about Japan and Boys Day where they fly kites. We even got to make our own Japanese kites! One of the children asked about the Great Wall of China so we researched it. We learned that it is in different sections but all together it is about 31,000 miles long. It is also over 6 horses wide! It was built to protect China from invaders.

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  1. Mate - I did not know there were different elephants. I thought an elephant was an elephant. Who knew there were Chinese elephants? And, who gets close enough to count the toes of an elephant? I do want to make a kite, though.