Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The North and South Poles

We learned that Penguins live at the South Pole, or Antarctica, and polar bears live at the North Pole. No Penguins live above the equator. We were able to walk to recess and through the
halls in our penguin waddle! While reading a book about the Arctic region, or North Pole we learned why polar animals are in danger. One reason is because people used to kill the animals for blubber and food. It is now illegal to kill polar animals but we discussed if we thought it was ok for the people who live in this area to kill the animals to have blubber for their fires, food, and fur. If they thought it was not ok, they had to come up with a way for the people to stay warm and fed. Some answers were:
Yes it is ok because if they didn't kill a couple of animals to stay warm then a lot of humans would die and that is not good either.
No it is not ok. They should take a plane to a grocery store.
No it is not ok. They should fish for food and buy an ax to chop down a tree for fire.
Yes it is ok. But only sometimes. And only if they do it safely.

We also learned a bit about the oil pipeline in the Arctic region that is causing the animals to lose some of their homes. We discussed if we thought we should keep the pipeline or not. If no, they had to figure out how we will fuel our homes and cars. If yes, they had to figure out what to do with the animals. Some answers were:
Well, the pipeline should be on the right, and the animals should be on the left. Then it is fair.
We should keep the pipeline and tell people to help build sanctuaries for the animals.
We should get rid of the pipeline so the animals can have their homes back. We can walk and use a fan.
We should get rid of the pipeline and find a way to trap lightening in a box to use for energy.
The pipeline looks small. The animals can share the space. Maybe birds can build nests on it.

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  1. We can walk and use a fan! I love it! Your kids sound so adorable!