Friday, November 19, 2010


This week we have been learning about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. We learned that life was hard for the Pilgrims: they were in an unfamiliar part of the world, they left everything behind, they had a rough boat ride over, and the kids had to do lots and lots of chores! One of the chores that kids had to help with was to make butter. So, in the afternoon one day, we made our own butter. We put cream in a jar with a penny (so the fats could hit up against something and start clumping together) and shook it for almost 20 minutes (we were exhausted after all that shaking.) Luckily we got to then eat our butter...which formed nicely...on crackers. And it was really good!

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  1. I would not have been a good Pilgrim child. I do not like chores. And, I think it's a lot easier to just get in my car and go to the store and get butter.