Saturday, January 29, 2011

My root canal

Here I am getting prepared (luckily my wonderful dentist did the shots without me even knowing it!)

This is what it looks like while they are doing a root canal. You have to wear a rubber thing over your mouth so things don't go down your throat or in the hole that they are drilling in your tooth!

After it is over and your tooth now looks like an itty bitty pebble, they have to figure out how big to make the new tooth! Then they glue it in your mouth!

At some point they put these things in the hold in your tooth. It is the same thing that golf balls are made out of!

Your tooth has 3 nerves. 2 are so small that you can't see them. This is the big one. It came out of my mouth because it was dying. Can you believe that that little thing can cause so much distress?

Unfortunately I had to leave early on our 100th day of school in order to have a root canal. While the kids had been counting down in an excited voice to our 100th day of school, I was counting down in a nervous voice. I must say though that we have a bunch of courageous kindergartners. One child told me that she would go in my place since she didn't mind shots and I was really scared of the. One child said she would go with me and hold my hand and if I got scared she would tell them to give her the shots instead. One child said that she would make a cardboard cutout of me to send instead! While I really wanted to take them up on these ideas, I knew I had to be brave too. And thanks to a wonderful dentist, It wasn't so bad. Once I got through the shots (have I mentioned that I am deathly afraid of needles?) it was a piece of cake. Now I have a new plastic tooth and no roots or nerves. I will get a new tooth to take the place of the plastic tooth in a month! The kids have examined my new tooth and have come to the conclusion that it is ok because it looks just like my other teeth!

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